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Katie Mertz Johnson [Visitor]
I am the great-grand daughter of Mortimer L Mertz of San Angelo, TX, the uncle of Mortimer Mertz Lawrence. I am so happy to find this website and confirm many family names and relations I have in relatively small family archives of the Mertz family from Wisconsin. I will continue to check this website. Thank you for a beautiful site.
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WVM - Curator [Member]
Welcome to Eyes of the Army! This exciting new online exhibit, presented by the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Wisconsin Veterans Museum, publishes the historic collection of World War I Aerial Observer, Lieutenant Mortimer M. Lawrence. Transcripts of Mortimer's letters are posted 90 years from the day they were originally written, giving viewers the impression that they are experiencing his day-by-day adventures in real-time.
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rav [Visitor]
what is this
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Women's Narrow Shoes [Visitor] ·
Women's Narrow Shoes
Very cool site, normally I runinto a lot of junk and rehash, but I like this site's lay out, keep it going
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Women's Ankle Boots [Visitor] ·
Women's Ankle Boots
Not sure how I got here but I'm very glas I found this page. Good info and content unlike a lot of the trash you can find anywhere out on the web today. Especially in this niche it's just hard to find good content anymore.
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Brown Women Shoes [Visitor] ·
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Solid, glad I came across this page has some good information that I know my visitors will like too. If you don't mind I'm going to link back over to you.
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Joseph Mroczkowski [Visitor]
Excellant display. The comments by the WVM realy clarified the photos.

I appreciate and enjoy visiting the Museum everytime I'm in Madison.

Keep up the great work!
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Richard Lawrence [Visitor]
The woman named Selma was Selma Mertz, sister of Mortimer's Mother, Emma Mertz Lawrence. The reason for the somewhat snide remark about being in the Army was probsbly because Selma's husband was Navy, attended Annapolis & eventually became a Rear Admiral.
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Antiquités [Visitor] ·
This really impressing, this war is for me the worst ever happened...
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